Introducing Greetigram: After 20 years of Selling Paper Cards Founder of Quiplip Goes Digital
Greetigram is revolutionizing the greeting card world by taking the best paper brands digital. We’ve made it super easy for card lovers to find their perfect card and get it there on time. Now you can send awesome, personalized video cards instantly or scheduled from your fingertips and get a response back to create more meaningful connections. It’s like having the best boutique card store in your pocket. Check it out at more info
Now more than ever we can all use a super boost of inspiration. Empowerments use the power and beauty of sacred geometry to help elevate us to a new level and align us with the divine.
Unconventional, Funny Greeting Cards For Any Occasion
"And, while industry statistics report 70% of card buyers surveyed consider greeting cards “absolutely” or “almost” essential to them, Hobson knows that the advent of Facebook makes it entirely too easy to send a message to someone on their birthday instead of a real card. She elaborates, saying, “Facebook has made us lazy, but the fact is people still like, no love, to receive real, honest to goodness cards in their mailboxes; ones that are hand-written. It’s our goal to help people do that, now it’s up to them to actually buy it, put it in the envelope, and put the stamp on it, well and mail it, too.” more info
CNN's Anderson Cooper Show
Featured as a company "On the Rise". Quirky card company pushes envelope. Quiplips say 'what you always wanted to but never had the guts'. The greeting card company, founded in 2002 by Bridget Hobson, prides itself on being unconventional and unlike a lot of mass-market card lines. more info
Fortune Small Business
Featured on Anderson Cooper 360° and in Fortune Small Business, Bridget Hobson of Quiplip offers a fresh, forward take on the greeting card. Say Happy Birthday with a bar graph, show your love with a Venn diagram, or get all holidays out of the way at once with a card that covers every occasion. Funny, clever greeting cards that make it worth the time in sending. more info
We've added 5 new cards to the insanely popular Unsolicited Inspiration line. Check 'em out!
Check out the owner of Quiplip, Bridget Hobson: I accidentally started a greeting card company.
"What is the best thing about being self-employed? What is the worst? Best part is that I can play hooky and no one cares. Worst part is I can play hooky and no one cares. It kinda takes the fun out of playing hooky." more info
Ask us about our hot, new rack!
Quiplip introduces a new rack program. Email for more details.
Quiplip rolls out new retailer and rep program incentives.
Quiplip has rolled out a loyalty program incentivizing sales representatives, consumers, and stores that represent the brand.
New Unsolicited Inspirations for 2014!
Check out Quiplip's newest cards for 2014. more info
Quiplip's Wholesale Site Goes Live!
Retailers can purchase cards online quickly and easily. Register at and we'll send you a password to get you started! more info
New York Gift Show
Check out Quiplip's new additions and old favorites August 17-20 at Javits Center, DaisyD and Friends, Handmade Section, booth #9359.
The cards you never knew you needed, but clearly do. 18 styles printed on 110 lb card stock.
We're at the 2013 New York Gift Show!
Daisyd & Friends Booth # 9359 in North Pavilion Handmade. Note this section starts on Saturday. January 26-29
Greetings Magazine: Misfortunes Made Fun
The new line of Misfortunes greetings from Quiplip garnered raves from buyers at the recent NYIGF. The series of greetings offer "somewhat highly accurate predictions of the recipient's upcoming year, give or take a few years." For more information, visit more info
Daily Candy's What to do Guide
These greeting cards range from hilarious to downright sweet... more info
"Buy Someone an Original Greeting Card"
Why not put a little more thought into the card and buy something that says a little more off the beaten path rather than this was the only somewhat normal greeting card left on the shelf? more info