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SE21 - 29 again Birthday card

29 again! Happy Birthday.

UI42 - 50 Shade of Grey Bithday

May your birthday be hotter than "50 Shades of Grey" ...

EM06 - All is well.

The Sahasrara Symbol (crown chakra)

AC13 - Anniversary

Love you more. Happy Anniversary.

GR10 - Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

GR11 - Anniversary

Anniversary Report

BL11 - Anniversary

I remembered our anniversary...

RE11 - Anniversary

Happy Anniversary. I love you more than ever.

BL12 - Anniversary Card

Happy Anniversary instead of boring sex tonight, lets make love.

SE37 - Anniversary Card

If you're put in the dryer...

UI20 - Anniversary Stats

Happy Anniversary greeting card for defying divorce statistics.

EM10 - Anything is possible.

Seed of Life sacred geometry

BL13 - Apology

Here's an apology card...

BL14 - Apology

I'm sorry I didn't find a better card to say I'm sorry.

AS11 - Aquarius

YOur such an Aquarius.

AS01 - Aries

You're such an Aries.

QL34 - Baby Announcement

Grab yourself a big fat stogie...

QL13 - Baby Shower

What does coochie coochie-coo really mean? That's right, this question could only signify one thing, and oneeded to do something Oprah hasn't done yet oused the "rhythm method" owanted to find out whose genes were stronger ohad a few too many wine coolers ohave a-whole-lotta-love to give to some lucky soul...

UI01 - Bacon B-day Friendship Card

When life gives you pigs make bacon.

UI14 - Bear Hug Birthday/Friendship

I'm gonna hug you so hard it's going to get ackward.

GR06 - Belated Birthday

Belated Birthday.

BL04 - Belated Birthday

This card isn't late...

SM08 - Belated Birthday card

Holy shit. I forgot your goddam birthday! Happy Birthday

SE29 - Belated Birthday card

Sorry, what can I say? I got lost in the dryer and missed your birthday...

BL36 - Belated Holiday

People still have their lights up...

AC02 - Birthday

You're number one.

AC03 - Birthday

Yo. Here's to keeping it realz another year.

AC04 - Birthday

Blindingly radiant. You give the sun a run for its money.

AC05 - Birthday

Fuck facebook.

AC06 - Birthday

Wonderful Marvelous Amazing You.

AC07 - Birthday

Supernova, Rockstar, Goddess, Queen That about sums it up.

AC08 - Birthday

Gratuitous Kissass Moment

AC09 - Birthday

You are awesome

GR01 - Birthday

Birthday thoughts

AC10 - Birthday

Have an unforgettable Birthday.

GR02 - Birthday

Birthday drunk and naked.

GR03 - Birthday

Birthday Holiday

GR04 - Birthday

Birthday Lottery

AC11 - Birthday

Rainbows & Blue skies forever

GR05 - Birthday

Birthday dog years.

AC14 - Birthday

Happy Everyday.

AC17 - Birthday

Your Day Your Way.

AC18 - Birthday

Birthday Hugs. It wont be as satisfying as spanking, but it will have to do.

GR19 - Birthday

Birthday Food Pyramid

GR21 - Birthday

Birthday truth financial graph

BL01 - Birthday

The economy sucks. Be glad you got this card.

BL02 - Birthday

Didn't you just have a birthday last year.

BL03 - Birthday

Don't worry there's money in here.

BL05 - Birthday

Sorry I forgot your Birthday...

BL25 - Birthday

I thought I was old.

BL26 - Birthday

Did I at least get the month right?

BL28 - Birthday

It's less embarrassing when the card sings it.

BL29 - Birthday

I better not catch you regifting.

BL37 - Birthday

How's your bladder holding up?

BL38 - Birthday

What's the opposite of a spring chicken?

BL39 - Birthday

That'll teach you for thinking I forgot.

BL40 - Birthday

You're 30 What!?

BL41 - Birthday

You're 40 What!?

BL42 - Birthday

You're 50 What!?

RE01 - Birthday

This extra special Birthday card should only be sent to the most amazingly wonderful fantastically awesome person ever.

RE02 - Birthday

You are going to cherish this Birthday card years from now.

RE03 - Birthday

Nobody should be sober on their Birthday.

RE04 - Birthday

The odds that this is your Birthday are one in 365.

RE05 - Birthday

I really want you to have the happiest Birthday ever.

RE06 - Birthday

It might be. It could be...

RE07 - Birthday

What do you get someone that has everything?

RE08 - Birthday

Don't worry. This is not a letter from the AARP...

RE09 - Birthday

This is the worst Birthday gift you will receive this year.

RE10 - Birthday

OH NO. Is that a gray hair.

GR25 - Birthday

Reasons to live pie chart

GR26 - Birthday

Birthday graph meeting in the middle

GR27 - Birthday

Top Birthday myths pie chart

GR28 - Birthday

Funny contents of this card bar graph

GR29 - Birthday

What were not doing on your Birthday pie chart

GR30 - Birthday

Pie chart of people I've sent a card to this year

GR31 - Birthday

Amount of attention generated on your birthday bar chart

GR32 - Birthday

What are you getting too old for pie chart

GR33 - Birthday

The Birthday gifts I seriously considered getting you bar chart

GR34 - Birthday

Reasons I'm glad it's your Birthday pie chart.

GR35 - Birthday

Ideal Birthday Schedule time line chart

GR36 - Birthday

Top thoughts to avoid on your Birthday pie chart

GR37 - Birthday

Your Birthday specialness to me pie chart

GR38 - Birthday

Your Birthday vs. everyone else's Birthday bar chart

UI46 - Birthday Age Better


UI21 - Birthday Age Defying Cindy Crawford

You are next in line for an infomercial for age defying radiance...

UI04 - Birthday Age Is Just a Number

Age is just a number that changes depending on who's asking.

UI22 - Birthday Apples

Yes, an actual Birthday card from yours truly! How about them apples!

UI48 - Birthday Astrology


UI33 - Birthday Beer

Birthday Beer

UI64 - Birthday Bill Murry


UI07 - Birthday Brightening Bleach

You have more brightening power than any other brand.

AC01 - Birthday Card

You only live once.

SM01 - Birthday Card

You don't look half bad for someone twice your age! Happy Birthday

SM02 - Birthday Card

I got you a really great present this year...

SM03 - Birthday Card

I grant you rockstar status today and only today...

SM04 - Birthday Card

To call you a geezer would be cruel, old-timer...

SM05 - Birthday Card

Finally, we have a legitimate excuse to drink...

SM06 - Birthday Card

Your birthday cake is now officially a fire hazard! Happy Birthday

SM07 - Birthday Card

The alternative is a lot worse! Happy Birthday

UI09 - Birthday Cliche

I care about you so much that I'd never use cliche-filled prose to say it.

SE27 - Birthday crap card

At 16 you get to drive...

UI08 - Birthday Dog Thinks

Be the person your dog thinks you are.

SE30 - Birthday drink card

Wine, beer, coffee, or tea...

SE19 - Birthday e-card

You deserve better than a lousy e-card Happy Birthday.

UI54 - Birthday Fan

Happy birthday from one of your biggest fans.

SE36 - Birthday flowers

I picked you some flowers...

UI16 - Birthday Friendship Love

I hate everyone who isn't you.

UI17 - Birthday Friendship Love

If awesome wasn't such an overused word I'd use it to describe you.

UI18 - Birthday Friendship Love

You sexy muthafucka.

UI23 - Birthday Friendship Love Ass

Happy Birthday Greeting card; I LOVE YOUR ASS.

UI19 - Birthday George Clooney

You many not have all the money, models, Oscars, or fame; but you do have a friend to get you drunk on your Birthday...

SE17 - Birthday homesock

Happy Birthday Homeboy "Homesock"

UI53 - Birthday Lettuce

Lettuce grow old together and always romaine friends...

UI39 - Birthday Namaste

Birthday Namaste Wishes

UI12 - Birthday Nerd Love

Talk nerdy to me....

UI58 - Birthday Olive

Olive you. Pits and all.

UI62 - Birthday Pinata

Feliz Cumpleanos. (Translation: Happy birthday, gringo...

UI13 - Birthday Ryan Gosling

Hey Girl, GOD must've been showing off when he made you.

UI05 - Birthday Sassy, Classy, Smart-assy

Keep it classy, sassy, and a little smart-assy.

UI11 - Birthday Seriousness

Seriously, life's too important to take seriously.

UI50 - Birthday Shut it

You're how old? Shut the front door.

UI06 - Birthday Sister

You're my favorite sister from another mister.

YT07 - Birthday Smack

How about a Birthday Smack!! Funny Birthday Card.

UI65 - Birthday Sugar & Booze

May there be enough sugar, caffeine and booze to properly celebrate your birthday.

UI63 - Birthday Sun

Congrats on another lap around the sun...

UI10 - Birthday Super Friend

You've been updated to super friend status.

UI24 - Birthday Superwoman

Happy Biirthday to a real genuine bonafide Superwoman greeting card.

UI66 - Birthday Sweetness

Happy Birthday, Sweetness

SE31 - Birthday thief card

I stole you a gift. I thought I was cool...

UI44 - Birthday Toast

Birthday Toast

SE26 - Birthday va-jay-jay

Happy Birthday. What more can I say? Congrats on the anniversary of making it out of your mom's va-jay-jay?

UI38 - Birthday Vintage Bike

Birthday Vintage Bike...

UI02 - Birthday Wine

It dosen't matter if the glass is half full or half empty...

QL27 - Birthday Wishes

Hurry up, all the cool band names are being taken...

QL38 - Birthday Wishes

To merely say "Happy Birthday" would be just down right insensitive...

GR23 - Birthday Wishes

Birthday wishes pie chart

UI51 - Brief Note


AS04 - Cancer

You're such a cancer.

AS10 - Capricorn

You're such a Capricorn

RE19 - Card for No reason

I'm sending this card for the best reason ever...

QL11 - Cheers

I, , would like to wish you, , a oMerry Christmas oHappy New Year oHappy Hanukkah oHappy Easter oHappy Thanksgiving oHappy Fourth of July oHappy St...

UI60 - Chocolate Birthday, Thank you, Friendship


SE44 - Christmahanukwana

Happy Holidays! That implies more than one...

UI56 - Complete. Love

You complete me.

QL20 - Congrats

At first I thought you were just relying on your good looks, but recently it seems like you really are oexcelling in ways that make me question what type of ‘vitamins' you're using omastering voodoo opaying off the right people ousing more than the average ten percent of your brain omaking the rest of us look bad othe shit...

BL27 - Congrats

Way to go. Make the rest of us look bad.

SM14 - Congrats

I owe you another bottle of Champagne...

GR12 - Congratulations


IOU11 - Congratulations

Funny congratulations IOU greeting card

SE14 - Congratulations on Being Born

Hey Kid, welcome to life...

UI49 - Corn Birthday

Be honest, is this birthday card too corny?

UI59 - Cupcake

Bite me.

SE18 - Cute birthday

Trust me you won't be this cute forever...

BL32 - Dinner?

I have to eat. You have to eat.

QL08 - Father's Day

Hey Dad! It's me, , you know, your oson odaughter ofaithful dog...

GR16 - Father's Day

Fatherly Assessment bar graph

UI28 - Father's Day

King of Pops

UI30 - Father's Day

Darth Vader Father's Day

BL22 - Father's Day

It's hard for me to imagine you and Mom having sex.

YT20 - Father's Day

Dear Dad, you deserve nothing less...

SE38 - Father's Day card

You fought the boogieman for me...

BL06 - First Thing

I walked in the store and thins was the first thing I picked up.

GR40 - Friendship

Friendship bar graph comparison

UI32 - Friendship Oscar

Friendship Oscar

UI34 - Friendship, Thanks, You're the Shit

Friendship, Thanks, You're the Shit

UI37 - Friendship/Feel Better/Encouragement

What doesn't kill you makes your drinks stronger...

SM11 - Funny Anniversary Card

How in the hell are we still together? Happy Anniversary

SE20 - Funny Birthday Card

Ouch this one's gotta hurt...

SE41 - Funny Christmas card

It was the day after Christmas, and all through the house, everyone was hung over passed out on the couch...

RE16 - Funny Father's Day card

Happy Fathers Day to the most incredible, invincible, stupendously awesome DAD ever created.

SM12 - Funny Get Well Card

I'll kill you if you don't get better! Get Well

SE01 - Funny Happy Birthday card

I baked you a cake. It burnt...

SM18 - Funny Holiday card

You're looking at this year's Christmas present...

SE43 - Funny Holiday card snow globe

I got you a snow globe...

RE15 - Funny Mother's Day card

Mom, you went through excruciating pain giving birth to me.

SM13 - Funny New Baby Card

I guess my name wasn't good enough! Congrats On Your New Baby

RE14 - Funny Not Valentine's card

It's not even Valentine's day and I'm giving you a card.

BL23 - Funny Thank you Card

Most thank you cards just say thank you.

SM16 - Funny Valentine's Card

Congratulations. You're my Valentine this year...

SE39 - Funny Valentine's Card

Nothing says "spontaneously romantic" like a prefabricated card on a firmly established holiday...

BL24 - Funny Valentine's Day

I don't need some silly holiday to say I love you.

SM10 - Funny Wedding Card

I had a hunch you two sort of liked each other...

QL25 - FYI

You're osomething else osuper fantastic ookay obusted oclassy with a capital K ogolden otrying odelicious odope oallowed oparanoid oright oalright owrong odirty omixed-up owelcome oa problem oon it odrunk orevered ounbelievable oon fireoin a testosterone-induced fog oquality ofun oon the right path odreamy okidding me oin oout oschizo oappreciated oscrewed oa dog ochemically imbalanced oon my mind oundefinable omissing out o...

AS03 - Gemini

You're such a gemini.

QL05 - Get Well

Jeepers! Sounds like you're becoming quite the expert on pillows lately...

BL15 - Get Well

Damn that must've hurt...

BL16 - Get Well

Can I try some of your pain killers? Get well soon.

IOU10 - Get Well Soon

Get well soon IOU funny greeting card

SE13 - Get Well Soon

You're not feeling well...

IOU17 - Girlfriend

Funny girlfriend IOU card

UI36 - Gluten-Free Birthday

Gluten-Free Birthday

EM14 - Go with the flow.

Yin Yang symbol of the Tao

BL33 - Good Luck

Here's a good luck card.

QL26 - Goodbye

You might want to take a seat before reading further...

QL33 - Graduation

Hallelujah, you finally made it! So, smarty pants, what are you going to do now? I'm sure all those long hours ofinessing cheat sheets ogoing on field trips ocramming in "study groups" opartying obrown nosing teachers will most definitely pay off...

GR22 - Graduation

Congratulations on your graduation pie chart

UI29 - Graduation

Not only relying on looks graduation.

BL19 - Graduation

Smart Ass.

YT19 - Graduation

Happy Graduation Kid, I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this...

QL30 - Happiest New Year

Just like clockwork, another year is upon us, not to mention the twenty resolutions you've been trying to accomplish since you started partying like it was 1999...

QL02 - Happy Anniversary

It's been years since we ogot hitched ostarted the affair ofirst started drooling all over each other omade it official omade love...

IOU07 - Happy Anniversary

IOU Happy Anniversary funny card

IOU24 - Happy Anniversary

Funny Happy anniversary IOU card

SE15 - Happy Anniversary card

It's your anniversary...

QL32 - Happy Belated Birthday

Sure you might not be quick to vote ome ous the oKing oQueen of Punctualville, but please don't let a little tardiness detract from this momentous occasion...

IOU05 - Happy Belated Birthday

Happy belated IOU Birthday card for funny gifts

SE07 - Happy Belated Birthday

This card is late. I am not perfect...

QL06 - Happy Birthday

Wow, Happy Birthday is right...

QL16 - Happy Birthday

My Mom was right when she said, "It's not the size of the gift that matters, it's the intention behind it...

QL23 - Happy Birthday

This card-like document hereby proves that I, , am taking time out of my busy day to wish you, ,a whole-lotta ofun ocute puppies ofrosty beverages odollar bills osugar sweetness, on your birthday...

QL24 - Happy Birthday

In honor of this very special day, I set out to find you the most sublime, extra-fine gift imaginable...

IOU01 - Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday IOU funny gift coupon card

IOU02 - Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday IOU funny gift coupon card

IOU03 - Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday IOU funny gift coupon card

IOU20 - Happy Birthday

Funny Happy Birthday card IOU card

IOU21 - Happy Birthday

Funny Happy Birthday IOU card

SE04 - Happy Birthday

If you were a dog You'd be dead by now...

SE05 - Happy Birthday

I searched all day for the perfect gift...

SE06 - Happy Birthday

It's your birthday. It's mine, too...

SE02 - Happy Birthday card

May your day be filled with rainbows, Fluffy kittens too, Pretty flowers and chocolates, Enough to distract someone As old as you...

SE03 - Happy Birthday card

Happy birthday to you...

IOU22 - Happy Father's Day

Funny Happy Fathers Day IOU card

IOU23 - Happy Graduation

Funny Happy Graduation IOU card

QL14 - Happy Holiday and Non Holiday

Sure it's December. So it's only natural you might assume this is a oChristmas card oHanukkah card oKwanzaa card oFestivus card oGeneral-Don't-Want-To-Offend Anyone Holiday card...

QL31 - Happy Holiday(s)

Wishing you a very oMerry oHappy oHanukkah oChristmas oKwanzaa oNew Year oDay Off oMartin Luther King Jr...

QL41 - Happy Holidays

As part of my effort to be a little less Scrooge-like and a lot more Jimmy Stewart-like, this holiday season I have decided to owatch "It's a Wonderful Life" until I puke oenclose a boring, long-winded letter about what I did this past year odeck the halls with girls named Holly obe down with all the hip new gay apparel oget to the bottom of what Fa la la la la la la la la means...

IOU15 - Happy Holidays

Funny Happy Holidays card IOU

QL18 - Happy Mother's Day

Mommy dearest, you are oqueen of the universe othe first person I think of when I need a recipe oamazing and no woman will ever compare (which is why I'm gay) ocooler than Dad othe definition of beauty...

IOU14 - Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day funny IOU card

SE11 - Happy Mother's Day

You gave birth to me...

YT18 - Happy Mother's Day

You were nice enough to give birth to me and were with me during my terrible toddler years...

OO33 - Happy New Year, Seriously!

Happy New Year, Seriously...

IOU13 - Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day funny IOU card

QL03 - Happy Wedding

Dum, dum, da, dummm. Dum, dum, da dummm...

IOU08 - Happy Wedding

Happy Wedding funny card IOU

SE12 - Happy Wedding

Congrats on tying the knot...

UI47 - Heartfelt Birthday

Many heartfelt birthday wishes.

BL17 - Holiday

Want a white Christmas? Rip this up and toss it in the air.

BL18 - Holiday

You might want to hold onto this card.

BL34 - Holiday

Reindeer flying? Fat men down chimneys? Why don't you believe I got you a gift this year.

BL35 - Holiday

Careful where you hold this card...

RE20 - Holiday

Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, and best wishes for any other Holidays in between.

UI26 - Holiday Big Deal

You must clearly be a big deal to get a Holiday card this year...

GR24 - Holiday Wishes

Happy holidays pie chart

EM12 - Infinite Bliss.

Visual The sacred spiral

EM05 - Inhale Good Shit, Exhale Bull Shit

The Torus sacred geometry symbol

QL28 - Just A Thought

Life is short and we're all just trying to make the best of what we have to offer...

QL10 - Just Cuz

For crying out loud, can't anyone send a card anymore without having an ulterior motive? Admit it, you haven't even gotten halfway through this card and you're already thinking, hmmm ...

SM15 - Just Cuz Card

No ulterior motive here...

EM09 - Keep it calm.

Mandala circle

AS05 - Leo

You're such a Leo.

EM08 - Let your love light shine.

The Fibonacci sequence sacred geometry

AS07 - Libra

You're such a Libra.

EM01 - Life is Divine.

Flower of Life sacred geometry symbol

GR13 - Love

Love Pie Graph

SE23 - Midlife crisis birthday card

Feel a midlife crisis coming on? Happy Birthday

EM04 - Miracle Magnet

The Sri Yantra sacred geometry symbol

QL04 - Miss You

I glanced at your picture some two hundred and fifty times today...

IOU09 - Miss You

Miss you IOU funny greeting card

BL31 - Miss You

Damn emotions.

SM17 - Mom & Dad's Day Card

See I can be frugal, just like you taught me...

AC16 - Mother's Day

Mother. I know you told me to never get a tattoo, but I figured you'd make an exception for this one.

GR15 - Mother's Day

Mothers Day how much I owe you and payback graph

UI27 - Mother's Day

You deserve a Mother's Year.

BL21 - Mother's Day

You did a great job raising me! All those times I screwed up were Dad's fault.

IOU16 - My Love

Funny My Love IOU card

SE42 - Naughty holiday card

Naughty or Nice? The choice is up to you...

QL19 - New Adobe

So long nosy neighbors...

QL12 - New Baby

Congratulations & , on your new bambino, ...

AC12 - New Baby

itty bitty blessings...

IOU12 - New Baby

Congrats on your new Birthday IOU funny card

UI31 - New Baby

Congrats on your lil' peanut.

BL30 - New Baby

No unsolicited advice is contained within this card.

RE12 - New Baby

Congrats on your new baby...

GR14 - New Baby Congrats

New Baby Pie Graph

SE35 - Nursing home birthday card

Don't worry. I promise to put you in the nicest nursing home money can buy...

SE16 - Old Sock Birthday

You're like an old sock I can't throw away...

SE25 - Over-celebrate birthday card

Lets over-celebrate your birthday...

QL40 - P.S.

Oh, by the way, oyou rock my world...

UI03 - Panties in Bunch Friendship

May your panties never be in a bunch.

QL07 - Party

Greetings . After realizing life is short oI owe decided it was time to have a:oNice pleasant GET TOGETHERo12 kegger, underwear-on-head, Lambada-dancing, cops-busting PAR-TAY oIncense-burning, mantra-chanting,lotus-sitting SEANCEoCrisco-smearing, whip-cracking, ass-slapping, RUMP-ASS o So, grab oyour so-called wife oyour so-called husband oyourself othose bratty kids owhoever you're dating this week oyour entire neighborhood, and come to , found at: , on / / , at : until : ...

QL36 - Peace

Ay Caramba! I don't know about you but,doesn't it seem like the whole world is starting to resemble oThe Jerry Springer show oSurvivor oCops oThe Sopranos oThe X-Files? What ever happened to the good old days of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood? I use to think that if I had only one wish it would be to have o50 million tax free dollars a year othe power of all the Superfriends combined oan everlasting orgasm oa voice to die for otwo wishes...

AS12 - Pisces

Your such a Pisces.

SE32 - Rock concert Birthday card

Congratulations. You're officially too old for rock concerts...

AS09 - Sagittarius

You're such a Sagittarius.

AS08 - Scorpio

You're such a Scorpio.

QL21 - Sorry

I, , am officially, wholeheartedly, on-my-hands-and-knees % sorry for othe way I acted othe way I didn't act othe way I reacted othe way I smell obeing born...

GR18 - Sorry

Graphical expression of sorry

IOU18 - Sorry

Funny Sorry IOU card

SE33 - Stinky birthday card

You may have a few holes to mend...

BL08 - Stupid Card

I know this is just a stupid card.

EM13 - Super grateful.

Visual: The golden spiral sacred geometry

UI45 - Super Happy Birthday

Super Happy Birthday

AS02 - Taurus

You're such a taurus.

GR07 - Thank You

Cloud 9 thank you.

GR08 - Thank You

Cool Thank you.

AC15 - Thank You

Gratitude. I almost bought you a thank you card, but thought you deserved something more appreciative.

IOU06 - Thank You

IOU Thank you card for funny gifts

BL20 - Thank You

You're so giving. I'm so accepting...

SE08 - Thank You

All the drugs and alcohol in the world couldn't make me feel as good as you have...

SE09 - Thank You

You rocked my world. For that I wish to clone you...

SM09 - Thank you Card

Why, oh why, can't everyone be more like you? Thanks

RE17 - Thank You card

This is the most thoughtful thank you card ever created.

QL39 - Thank You So Much

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! oI'm not worthy...

QL01 - Thanks

I, , would like to take this moment to thank you, , for oyour way-too-generous gift ofitting me in your super-duper busy schedule obeing born oacknowledging my presence owell, it's the thought that counts...

IOU19 - Thanks

Funny Thanks IOU card

RE21 - Thanks

Funny Thank you card.

UI15 - Thanks Birthday Friendship

Thank you for not sucking.

GR41 - Thinking of You

Thinking of you graph

RE18 - Thinking of You card

Thinking of you. You were t first person that came to mind when I saw this card.

GR17 - Thoughts

Thinking of you pie chart

GR39 - Thoughts

Thinking of you bar graph

BL07 - Too Cheap

I'm handing you this card because I am too cheap to mail it.

OO1225 - Trump the Holidays

I give the best holiday cards...

UI35 - Unicorn Birthday

Unicorn Birthday

GR20 - Valentine's

Valentine's day heart pie chart of love

AS06 - Virgo

You're such a Virgo.

SE34 - Warm and fuzzy Birthday card

I'm glad you were born...

SE40 - Warm and fuzzy holiday card

Warm and fuzzy wishes for the holidays...

GR09 - Wedding

Happy Wedding

BL09 - Wedding

It's about freakin time...

BL10 - Wedding

This better be the only wedding card I ever give you.

RE13 - Wedding

This is going to be the happiest Wedding ever...

UI40 - Wedding Knot

Wedding Knot

QL09 - Wedding Shower

Yes, the rumors are true...

SE22 - What up card

What up homesock? Happy Birthday.

QL37 - What's up?

Knock, knock. Guess who? Nope...

QL22 - Will You Be My Valentine?

I ran as fast as I could, put on my best disguise, even hid under a park bench, but there was no stopping the little bastard...


oLike me oLove me oStalk me oHug me oDare me oSpank me oShare me oFree me oTease me oEmploy me oExploit me oDeliver me oDiscover me oBathe me oTell me oDis me oFind me oUnwind me oPhone me oSpoon me oBelieve me oChange me oRearrange me oSoothe me oKiss me oWed me oFeed me oHumor me oHonor me oHate me oDo me oCrush me oUntie me oTeach me oLick me oSuck me oSock me oBite me oTaste me oPlay me oFool me oFight me oAdore me oPlay me oTempt me oSmell me oPay me oSchool me oAcknowledge me oFeel me oDare me oRub me oHear me oTry me oSponsor me oSee me oForget me oUnderstand me oThank me oLeave me oAll of the aboveoNone of the above...

EM07 - You are an angel.

The Merkaba Symbol sacred geometry

EM03 - You are beautiful.

The Venus Flower is the orbit path of Venus and Earth

EM11 - You are blessed.

Image: The golden spiral sacred geometry

EM02 - You are loved

Visual: Anahata the heart chakra