The spot for classy, sassy smart-assy cards. And now super-sweet empowering cards. Oh, and timely Valentine's Day cards. Over 400 cards to choose from.
Quiplip's 12 Different Card Styles
The beauty and power of sacred geometry helps us access our fullest capacity of well-being.
Funny, clever cards that give just the right inspiration necessary.
Clever cards that quantify your emotions using pie charts, graphs and venn diagrams.
Snarky cards that win points for honesty.
Unexpectedly snarky cards. They look sweet and precious, but they are surprisingly sassy. Holiday cards!
Hand drawn letters that you wish you had the time to write yourself.
These have a returnable postcard inside. Give a card. Get one back. Great for the holidays!
Sassy cards that use sexy, tattoo inspired hand drawn lettering. Be sure to read the inside for the best part.
Cards with great personality. Yours. Fill-in-blank and check off which sentiment applies to you.
More sassy cards! Don't let their pretty, hand drawn borders fool you. These snarky cards pack more of a punch that you think.
These clever cards have witty poems written by socks. These cute, funny greeting cards will make anyone smile.
Snarky cards to the max. These birthday fortunes pack a punch.