If you're looking for funny, unique greeting cards you came to the right place. If you want a pumpkin spice latte, keep looking and make ours a grande, extra foam.
Quiplip's 11 Different Card Styles
Exactly what you never knew you needed. Hip and trendy greeting cards for all occasions.
Cuz, that's what you are. Sexy, tattoo inspired greeting cards.
A somewhat highly accurate prediction of your upcoming year, give or take a few years.
Take a load off with these bona fide promises and get the breathing room you need until it's time to make good.
Communicate your true feelings with the help of a cute sock-like device. Sock puppet greeting cards.
Sometimes it's not what you say but how you say it. Quantify your emotions with these cards.
Give a greeting card. Get a sarcastic greeting card back.
Win points for honesty with some blunt greeting cards of the not so warm and fuzzy variety.
The letters you'd write yourself...if only you had the time. Funny, sarcastic, off the charts unique greeting card.
Appear incredibly sophisticated without looking like a syrupy sentimental sap. Unexpectedly sarcastic greeting cards.
With a little help you too can be a weisenheimer. Customizable greeting cards you co-author.