If you're looking for funny, unique greeting cards you came to the right place. If you want a pumpkin spice latte, keep looking and make ours a grande, extra foam.
Quiplip's 11 Different Card Styles
Clever cards that will inspire sassy card lovers everywhere. Get your funny greeting cards here.
Sassy cards that use sexy, tattoo inspired hand drawn lettering, but don't let that fool you. They are snarky cards!
Snarky cards to the max. Birthday fortunes that pack a punch.
More sassy cards! Don't let their pretty, hand drawn borders fool you. These snarky cards pack more of a punch that you think.
Welcome to Sassy Card Central These cute, funny greeting cards will make anyone smile.
Clever cards that quantify your emotions using pie charts, graphs and venn diagrams.
Give a greeting card. Get a sarcastic greeting card back.
Snarky cards that win points for honesty. Funny greeting card lovers will dig these sassy cards.
The letters you'd write yourself...if only you had the time. Funny, sarcastic, off the charts unique greeting card.
Unexpectedly snarky cards. They look sweet and precious, but they are surprisingly very sassy cards.
With a little help you too can be a weisenheimer. Customizable greeting cards you co-author.